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Matière is the surface quality of a material, a tactile and intimate experience between a material and the body. The body interprets and absorbs information through touch like it receives color through sight. The past few years I have been interested in textiles and interpreting textiles as prints and drawings. Often I remove the textile material to understand the making, structure and design. The edit reduces the textiles to patterns and marks that I reinterpret into prints and installations, as a maker would interpret directions for knitting or sewing. For this series of etchings I have created a set of prints called swatches. The tradition of prints leaves little space for touching the surface of the ink on paper. The swatches are images of the warp and weft of a physical weaving of colored threads replaced with ink. Presented behind glass, the swatches cannot be touched and force the viewer to simply look. In contrast the garments displayed with the prints can be touched and wrapped around the body. The swatches and printed fabric exist together creating a dialogue about touch.

3 color etching printed from laser cut plexiglass, 13” x 16”, unique prints, series of 11, 2016

digitally printed fabric, series of 11, 2016